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Online Journal Access Through UC Davis
International Economic Review1999 - currentBlackwell
vol.1 (1960) - 5 years agoJSTOR
International Journal of Consumer Studies2001 - currentBlackwell
International Journal of Finance & Economics1997 - currentInterScience
International Journal of Forecasting1995 - 1999ScienceDirect
International Journal of Game Theory1998 - currentSpringerLink
International Journal of Industrial Organizationvol. 1 (1983) - currentScienceDirect
International Journal of Research in MarketingFebruary 1996 - currentScienceDirect
International Labour Review1994 - current, selected articles onlyCDL, Expanded Academic
International Monetary Fund - Staff Papers1992 - current, selected articles onlyCDL, Expanded Academic
International Review of Applied Economicsvol. 11(1997) - current, selected articles onlyExpanded Academic
vol. 10 (1996) - 6 mo. ago, selected articles onlyEBSCO
International Review of Economics and Financevol.1 (1992) - v.12 (2003)ScienceDirect
International Tax and Public Finance1997 - currentSpringerLink
Japan and the World EconomyMay 1995 - currentScienceDirect
Journal Law & Economicsv. 1 (1970) - v.43(2000)JSTOR
Journal of Accounting and EconomicsFebruary 1995 - currentScienceDirect
Journal of Accounting and Public Policy1995 - currentScienceDirect
Journal of Agribusiness1994 - Spring 2002University of Georgia
Journal of Applied Econometrics1997 - currentInterScience
1986 - 2011JSTOR
Journal of Asian Economics1999 - currentScienceDirect
Journal of Banking and Finance1995 - currentScienceDirect
Journal of Bioeconomics1999SpringerLink
Journal of Comparative Economics1993 -ScienceDirect
Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis1998 - currentSpringerLink
Journal of Consumer Policy1997 - 1999SpringerLink
Journal of Consumer Researchv. 1 (1974) - v. 26 (2000)JSTOR


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