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Mohamad Alloush, University of California, Davis
J. Edward Taylor, University of California, Davis

Economic Life in a Refugee Camp

November 30, 4:10 PM - 5:30 PM

Jake LaRiviere, Microsoft Research


December 2, 4:10 PM - 5:30 PM

Christine Carroll, University of California, Davis

Short- vs. Long-Term Decision-Making for Disease Control: A Dynamic Structural Econometric Model of Verticillium Wilt Management

December 3, 4:10 PM - 5:30 PM

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Our faculty participate actively in the Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics. The broad mission of the Foundation is to promote and support research and outreach activities in agricultural economics and rural development relevant to California.

Recent Publications

Poverty and land redistribution

Malcolm Keswell and Michael R. Carter. Journal of Development Economics 110 (2014) 250-261.

Individual and Cooperative Management of Invasive Species in Human-mediated Landscapes

RS Epanchin-Niell, JE Wilen. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 97 (1), 180-198.

Use of Optimization Modeling to Select Intervention Strategies for the Control of Micronutrient Deficiencies

SA Vosti and KH Brown. Food and Nutrition Bulletin 36, 3, 2015.

Assessing the returns to R&D on perennial crops: the costs and benefits of Pierce's disease research in the California winegrape industry

JM Alston, KB Fuller, JD Kaplan, KP Tumber. Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 59 (1), 95-115.

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We consistently rank at the top of the agricultural and applied economics profession and are part of the best university in the world for agriculture and forestry. The depth, breadth and rigor of our teaching, research and outreach enable us to make major contributions to society in the areas of agriculture, environment and natural resources, and international development. We offer a popular Managerial Economics undergraduate major and top-rated Ph.D. and Masters programs.

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Robert Mondavi Institute Center for Wine Economics

The RMI Center for Wine Economics undertakes and facilitates research and education about the economics of the production and consumption of wine grapes and wine in California and around the world. Current projects include collaborations with colleagues in Australia, France (Bordeaux), and Italy (Chianti Classico).